American Vinegar Works Rosé Wine Vinegar $14.95 $11.21

Move over Europe.

Many standout vinegars beloved by chefs and home cooks are European, but American Vinegar Works is trying to change that. They source phenomenal American-made craft wines, beers and premium ingredients for all of their small-batch vinegars. As part of its creative process, the company revived a small-batch fermentation process from the early 1800s. Every vinegar is aged in 25-gallon oak barrels, relatively small containers that preserve the alcohol’s flavors.

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Try this summery vinegar in vinaigrettes, hollandaise or other sauces, or with seafood and aspararagus. It works beautifully in cocktails or for macerating fruit for desserts. For a less sweet alternative to sherry vinegar, try the rosé vinegar in our Spanish-Style Roasted Vegetables with Sherry Vinegar.

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