Angkor Food Dried Curry Leaves $14.95

That tantalizing flavor quality you only can identify at your favorite Southeast Asian restaurant?

It’s probably curry leaves. Also used for medicinal purposes, these pantry power players pack a punch of flavor into any dish and are as easy to incorporate as a bay leaf—instantly adding that restaurant touch you’ve been missing in your own cooking.

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In traditional Cambodian cuisine, these leaves are dry roasted over an open fire and incorporated into soups and stir-fries. Use these flavor-packed leaves to infuse flavor into stews or braises—incorporated whole or crushed with other fresh spices such as mustard seed, coriander cinnamon, nutmeg and dill. Or, add into a tadka (a tempered, spice-infused oil) to drizzle atop grilled chicken, beans, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted veggies or blended into a warm dressing for hearty green salads such as kale.

Kitchen Notes

Generally, curry leaves should be bloomed in fat like oil or butter sometime during cooking in order to fully release their fragrant aroma.

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