Angkor Food Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Leaves $15.95

Also known as kaffir lime, makrut lime leaves are a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine. In fact, this ingredient is so exceptional that many chefs say if you can’t get your hands on makrut lime, it’s better to omit it rather than replace it with ordinary limes—the flavor simply can’t compare.

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Simmer makrut lime leaves in Southeast Asian curries, soups and stir frys or pound and puree into curries. Or simmer a few leaves in your next pot of rice for a subtle flavor and inviting aroma (for extra flavor, cook the rice in equal parts water and coconut milk. Just be sure to either finely slice and mince them, or remove them from dishes before serving as you would bay leaves, since mature makrut lime leaves are rather tough.

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