Angkor Food Makrut Lime Leaf Powder $15.95

Makrut lime leaves are a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine.

​In fact, this ingredient is so exceptional that many chefs say if you can’t get your hands on makrut lime, it’s better to omit it rather than replace it with ordinary limes—the flavor simply can’t compare.

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Add this powder to Southeast Asian curries, soups and stir-fries or curries. Or add a pinch to your next pot of rice for a subtle flavor and inviting aroma (for extra flavor, cook the rice in equal parts water and coconut milk). You can also spoon some into Cambodian-inspired soups and stews, teas and spice rubs. Or go the traditional route and use it to make Cambodia’s national dish: amok, a preparation of chicken or fish in coconut cream steamed in banana leaves.

Kitchen Notes

1 teaspoon of Makrut lime powder is roughly equivalent to 1 tablespoon of fresh minced Makrut lime leaves, or 3 whole medium leaves.

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