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Angkor Food Tuk Meric Kampot Pepper Sauce

On a trip to Cambodia, our editorial director, J.M. Hirsch, learned about tuk meric, a condiment as ubiquitous there as ketchup is in the U.S. This bold sauce features floral Kampot peppercorns—a regionally protected varietal from Cambodia's southern coast—and is rounded out with sea salt, brown sugar and lime juice for a salty, sweet and tangy flavor combination. We love tuk meric so much that we asked Angkor Food if they could make a version; in response, chef Channy Laux created this sauce based on her mother's recipe. The unique addition of tamarind juice makes Angkor Food's Tuk Meric tangy, not vinegary, and highlights black pepper's fruity notes. Use it in place of hot sauce for dipping everything from grilled meat to french fries. You can also try it in marinades or brush it on grilled meat—the condiment even makes a great addition to vinaigrettes.

A Cambodian refugee, Channy Laux started Angkor Food in 2010 to honor the memory of her mother, who fled to the United States with Laux and her three siblings during the Khmer Rouge's regime. The chef's award-winning company, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is our favorite source of authentic Southeast Asian ingredients.

  • Net Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Ingredients: Water, rice vinegar (water, rice), sea salt, brown sugar, organic Kampot pepper, tamarind concentrate, lime juice concentrate
  • Place of Origin: California, U.S.