Angkor Foods Chrouk Metae

Made without artificial preservatives or other fillers, this award-winning Cambodian hot sauce is pure flavor, featuring not only red chili peppers but also pungent garlic; salty, umami-packed fish sauce; vinegar; and sugar for a complex and balanced condiment. It works as an all-purpose Asian-style chili garlic sauce, with a moderate heat level and subtle sweetness that make it incredibly versatile. Before she started her company Angkor Cambodian Foods, chef Channy Chhi Laux was already getting requests from friends for her Chrouk Metae. Now she sells classic Southeast Asian ingredients and small-batch sauces that will liven up and add dimension to anything from beef, pork and chicken to our Thai Stir-Fried Spinach. Use Chrouk Metae anytime you want to add a bit of bright, rounded heat to your dishes, or do as we do and use it as a tableside hot sauce.

  • Net Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Ingredients: Red Chile Pepper, Water, Vinegar, Fish Sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar), Sugar, Spice, Dried Garlic, and Sea Salt.
  • Allergens: contains fish