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Antica Valle d'Ofanto Romana-Style Artichokes in Olive Oil

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We were impressed by the superior flavor and texture of these Italian jarred artichokes: Whereas many brands are bottled with cheap oil and stiff amounts of citric and ascorbic acids, muting their natural flavors and leaving a flat pickled taste, Antica Valle D'Ofanto packs their tender yet firm artichoke hearts with wine vinegar and spices to complement their natural savory, vegetal flavors. The third-generation family producer from southeast Italy uses fresh, locally sourced artichokes, which are expertly trimmed so they have a meaty texture and no fibrous strands leftover from the leaves. They're equally great for snacking, chopping and adding to salads or pasta, or topping pizza or focaccia.
  • Net Weight: 290 grams
  • Ingredients: Artichokes, olive oil, wine vinegar (traces of sulfites), salt, spices
  • Place of Origin: Italy

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