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Artisan Malt Vinegar

Unlike mass-produced malt vinegars that are made from malt syrup, Artisan Malt Vinegar is made with real ale, so it has an amazing depth and mouth-filling, rounded flavor. The smooth malt characteristics perfectly balance out the vinegar's acidity and add aromatic complexity—we were surprised at similar the aroma is to a dark English stout. Artisan Malt Vinegar is always barrel-aged in small batches, which imparts oak and vanilla notes that perfectly complement the nutty malted barley flavor.

Artisan Malt Vinegar is a classic condiment for fish and chips, but we use it for a wide range of recipes. Try malt vinegar in vinaigrettes, especially for salads with nuts, like our Greens with Walnut, Parmesan and Pancetta Vinaigrette. It also pairs well with blue or creamy cheeses in salads, or you can swap it out for the red wine vinegar in our Austrian Potato Salad for nutty richness. The nutty-sweet flavor and acidity are also a great complement for rich meats–drizzle it over Skirt Steak Salad with Arugula and Peppadews, or use it in place of cider vinegar to make a rich variation of our Grill-Smoked Pork Chops with Brown Sugar and Cider Vinegar Gastrique.
  • Net Volume: 250 milliliters
  • Place of Origin: Cornwall, United Kingdom