Asai PM Wa-Nakiri Vegetable Cleaver

This nearly 7-inch long Nakiri-style knife, otherwise known as a Japanese vegetable cleaver, is one of our favorites. It is terrific for all vegetables and herbs and is my personal go-to knife for most kitchen tasks where thin slicing is key. The broad, rectangular blade is very thin, narrowing to the tip, and the octagonal handle design, although unfamiliar to most of us here in the States, is unusually comfortable. The blade is made from a hard-powdered steel and has excellent food release due to its swirling Damascus cladding. 

  • Blade Style: Veg Cleaver (Nakiri)

  • Length: 180mm/7"

  • Steel: SG2 Powdered Steel

  • Handle: Red Ebony octagonal

  • Purpose: Primarily used for vegetables - not to be confused with a meat cleaver

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