Ash Creek Oregon Roasted Hazelnuts $9.95

Nestled in the woods of Oregon, Ash Creek flows between thickets of black walnut and poplar trees.

The waters of the creek irrigate the fields, and to keep the region’s delicate ecosystem intact, the producers use sustainable farming practices like no-till agriculture to tend to their thickets of Jefferson hazelnut trees.

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Snack on these buttery hazelnuts as they are, or toss them on a salad, oatmeal or yogurt or mix them into granola. Crush them up and use them as a coating for chicken cutlets, or use them in a homemade basil pesto in place of typical pine nuts. We’re also big fans of adding them whole to a rice pilaf with fresh herbs and lemon. They’re incredible in desserts (especially chocolate-centric ones like brownies). We love them in our Banana Hazelnut Bread—which can do double duty as a quick breakfast or satisfying dessert.

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