Ballymaloe Original Tomato Relish $10.95

In the 1930s in Shanagarry (a small village in Ireland’s County Cork), Myrtle Allen developed a bright tomato relish recipe to preserve the fresh tomatoes from her husband’s greenhouse.

That same relish became a staple at her family’s table and, later on, at her restaurant. Allen went on to be the first female chef in Ireland to earn a Michelin star. Now Ballymaloe Original Relish has been Ireland’s top relish for 30 years running.

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At its simplest, this is a flexible and complex condiment for sandwiches and burgers, but it’s also lovely as an addition to cheese boards, a dip for french fries or even swirled into hummus or yogurt for a creamy dip. Incorporated into recipes, it adds an easy pop of flavor that’s more complex and balanced than tomato paste or store-bought tomato jam. Try it whisked into a dressing for leafy greens, brushed over grilled meats just before they’re cooked as a flavorful glaze, or tossed with grains or into a pasta sauce for extra savory depth. We especially love substituting harissa for this relish in our Harissa Roasted Potatoes, which gives this side dish an umami-rich spin.

Kitchen Notes

​Once opened, store in a cool place and use within six months.

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