Big Island Bees 'Ohi'a Lehua Honey $13.95

This creamy, ivory-colored honey is one of the rarest varieties in the world, with a solid, spreadable consistency like butter.

Produced by bees that only pollinate the 'ohi'a lehua blossom, it has a delicate floral taste that is distinct but won't overpower other flavors—it's ideal for light green and white teas. And we guarantee that you'll want to use this scoopable honey as more than just a sweetener.

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The honey's creamy texture and delicate flaovr make it ideal for pairing with nut butters on sandwiches (try one we found on Kauai at a beachside fruit shack--honey, banana,peanut butter and coconut on whole grain). its floral flavor is also particularly good with berries or in herbal teas and tisanes.

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