Blossoms Syrup Grenadine $12.95

Pomegranate juice in grenadine, debunked?

Today, we know grenadine syrup to be a mixture of fruit juices, primarily and most commonly, pomegranate juice. Most people assume the reliance on pomegranate juice in grenadine comes from the word itself, which translates to pomegranate in French. However, some historians believe the original version of grenadine was actually just a mixture of different extracts and essences, with no pomegranate juice incorporated. Historians explain that the name grenadine itself actually may have just referred to the color of the syrup, due to the similar hue to the skin of a pomegranate.

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Use in smoothies, cocktails, lemonades, seltzer drinks, iced teas or any beverage. Make a John/Tom Collins by mixing 2 ounces gin (or liquor of your choice) with ½ ounce syrup of choice, pour over ice and top with sparkling water. This syrup also works beautifully drizzled over ice cream or crepes, as a glaze on cakes or other desserts, or swirled into yogurts and drizzled over granola.

Kitchen Notes

Shelf stable for 12 to 15 months.

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