BoTree Organic Kampot Pepper $18.95

On a recent trip to Cambodia, we found a variety of some of the most exciting peppercorns we have ever tried.

Bo Tree is a family-owned farm that produces a variety of organic peppercorns of varying hue and flavor intensity

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Use these as an everyday peppercorn, or blend with black peppercorns for complexity. We like them blended into southeast Asian curries or salad dressings, where the peppercorn’s sweetness can temper acidity. try on sautéed sweet shellfish, like shrimp or scallops, to really get a sense of the peppercorn’s flavor. Or try mixing white Kampot peppercorns with black or red peppercorns in your grinder for a complex, everyday blend. The floral quality of these peppercorns pair particularly well with southeast Asian curries and in combination with fish sauce or lime—a classic pairing. White Pepper Coconut-Curry Chicken.

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