Burlap & Barrel Silk Chili $10.95

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With a fruity, bright flavor and moderate spice level, Silk chilies are a terrfic alternative to crushed red pepper flakes in both raw and raw dishes. Keep a bowl on the table for garnishing. They are also virtually identical to and can be substituted for Aleppo pepper, which is used in numerous Milk Street recipes, like Turkish Poached Eggs with Garlicky Yogurt (Çilbir). It's also ideal for blooming in oil and drizzling over roasted potatoes or Turkish Red Lentil Soup. Or try it in our Mint and Browned Butter Yogurt Dip, which balances the chili's heat with rich, creamy elements. Similarly, our Spaghetti with Cilantro Yogurt uses warming Aleppo-style pepper in both the sauce and as a finishing touch.

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