Burlap & Barrel Tanzanian Ground Cinnamon Verum $9.95

Only the youngest, sweetest branches of the cinnamon trees on Zanzibar are hand-cut and ground to make this wonderfully bright and sweetly spicy ground cinnamon..

These organic single-origin products from the Zanzibar archipelago have a light, nuanced flavor and delicate aroma that results from their surrounding island terroir and the coastal hillsides on which the cinnamon trees are grown

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Burlap and Barrel's Cinnamon Verum is best used in recipes that won't mask its delicate flavor, like creamy desserts, bread pudding or rice pudding. We like it as a key flavoring for buttery cookies such as shortbread or s. Cinnamon Verum is also the perfect cinnamon for garnishing, whether you sprinkle it on eggnog or dust it over fruit desserts that are served with whipped cream or ice cream. Its floral notes pair perfectly with citrus, especially oranges.

Kitchen Notes

The delicate flavor and haunting aroma of this cinnamon makes it ideal for one of our favorite simple breakfasts, buttered cinnamon-sugar toast.

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