Burlap & Barrel Cloud Forest Cardamom $10.95

This cardamom is cultivated on one of Guatemala’s only single-estate farms.

It’s also one of the only ones to manage their supply chain from harvest to export. Farmer Don Amilcar planted his first cardamom vine at the age of nine, since creating the country’s only vertically integrated cardamom operation.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Use as you would any other cardamom: in sauces, curries, stews and braises. It adds complexity to a spice rub (especially for lamb or chicken) and is great for adding more layers of flavor to a fruit jam—just cooking down with the fruit juice of your choice. Grind it to use in desserts like Rice Pudding with Bourbon, Orange and Cardamom or Brown Butter-Cardamom Banana Bread, or to season root veggies like carrots—add a squeeze of citrus for freshness.

Kitchen Notes

Please note, you may need to grind it further into a finer powder texture if it's not going to go through a long cooking process, like with baked goods.

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