Burlap & Barrel Purple Stripe Garlic Powder $10.95

Co-founders Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar began Burlap & Barrel—one of the U.S.‘s pioneering single-origin spice companies—in 2017 after coming across wild cumin in the remote mountains of Afghanistan.

Now the company partners with small farmers from Turkey to Tanzania to source ingredients that range from mint grown on the Euphrates River to cinnamon from Zanzibar. These smallholder farmers cultivate their crops using traditional techniques, often ones passed down from the generations before them.

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We like to use ground garlic powder in places when the moisture of fresh garlic is an issue—like meat rubs or spice blends. This one adds intense complexity to everything from stir fries, to sauces (especially tomato), to savory salad dressings, to avocado toast, to pizza. Mix with softened butter to make a savory compound garlic butter. A sprinkle into a creamy bechamel gives an allium kick without the texture of garlic. And shaken into a mirepoix of carrots, onion and celery make a wonderful base for soups and braises.

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