Milk Street Burnt Sugar Orange Spice Coffee Sugar — Set of 3 $26.85 $22.95

Café brûlot diabolique, New Orleans' dramatic dessert coffee, requires a practiced hand and steady nerves to prepare.

It's made by pouring hot coffee into a flaming mix of brandy, spices and orange peel. We capture the iconic flavors of the French Quarter in our spiced orange-flavored sugar, minus the risk.

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The warmth of cinnamon and allspice works wonderfully in not only coffee but also cocktails, especially whiskey or bourbon-based drinks such as Old Fashioneds. We also like to dust this sugar over grapefruit or oranges before giving them a quick broil, which caramelizes the sugar and enhances its smoky-warm quality.

Kitchen Notes

Sugar isn't just for sprinkling-- try infusing your recipes with flavor by swapping out our spiced sugars for some or all of the sugar in everyday baking recipes, such as sweet biscuits and scones, pancakes and waffles, and pastry crusts.

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