Casablanca Market: Preserved Lemons from Morocco $12.00

Preserved lemons are a fundamental flavoring in North African cooking.

These are prepared from aromatic beldi lemons grown in Taroudant, a town in southern Morocco, by a community-based and women-run business.

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Traditionally, preserved lemon is added to Moroccan stews to sharpen spices and cut through rich flavors. Or it can be added to pilafs or bean dishes--especially good with lentils--as the lemon’s briny, piquant bite helps brighten up starchy grains. Chop up and fold a spoonful into bulgur or couscous. If you want to improvise with preserved lemon, remember that the pulp and peel should be used separately. The soft pulp can be mashed and stirred into soups, stews, dressings and sauces. The firmer, stronger-flavored rind should be either minced very fine so it's not overpowering, or diced and cooked for a bit in dishes to soften its texture and disperse its flavor.

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