Castillo de Canena Smoked Arbequino Olive Oil $29.95

From a family-run, award-winning producer nestled in the hills of Canena, Spain comes this delicately smoked, aromatic olive oil.

Castillo de Canena has been making olive oil near the Guadalquivir River Valley since 1780, monitoring the entire process form beginning to end.

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This complex olive oil adds a welcome hint of smoke to anything and also enhances any smoky, charred flavors that might already be present. Meats, fish and other grilled or roasted foods get an earthy, dimensional boost with a drizzle of the stuff, while dips and spreads benefit from the soft smokiness that it brings. A bit blended with a dollop of mayo instantly upgrades a sandwich. A pour over roasted summer veggies gives the illusion of the grill without the hassle. It also does wonders for salads in a vinaigrette, giving a little extra oomph to a medley of sweet citrus fruits, toasted nuts and blue cheese. And nothing beats a drizzle of the oil atop fat, juicy slices of heirloom tomato with a sprinkle of good salt.

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