Cepa Vieja Sherry Vinegar $24.00

Most store-bought vinegars are too harsh for salad dressing and many other recipes.

A good wine vinegar ought to contribute sweet/fruity qualities to our cooking on top of acidity. But high-quality wine vinegars must be made with high-quality wine, which creates a dilemma. Acetic acid is an off-flavor in wine, and wineries that also make vinegar run the risk of contaminating their barrels with the bacteria that converts alcohol to acetic acid, making such producers extremely rare. Thankfully, we have found a Spanish producer Vinagres de Yema, who makes bright, complex vinegars using some of the best grapes in the country—including Cepa Vieja, a sherry vinegar made with palomino grapes sourced from Spain’s Andalusia region.

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This aged Sherry vinegar shines in simple applications, such as a light vinaigrette with good quality olive oil, minced shallot, salt, and pepper. It also makes and excellent and complex base for quick pickles and marinades, and will add a refreshing pop of acidity to braises and pan sauces.

Kitchen Notes

This aged sherry vinegar will add richer, nutty aromas along with its acidic zip, which will boost deep flavors in richer stews and braises, and provide lovely contrast to fresh and light summer salads.

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