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ChefSofi Extra Large 5-Cup Mortar and Pestle

When you're freshly grinding whole spices, a standard-sized mortar and pestle will do the trick and produce flavorful, aromatic results. But for making fresh salsa, guacamole and the like, a bigger model is more efficient. Enter this extra large mortar and pestle with an impressive 5-cup capacity: Carved from unpolished granite, the set is naturally durable and perfectly textured for efficient grinding, whether you're turning fibrous ginger root into paste or breaking down the tough skins of rehydrated chili peppers. The mortar's deep bowl (with an 8-inch diameter) makes it ideal for preparing wet fresh ingredients such as curry pastes, chutneys or chimichurri, as they're less likely to splash onto your countertops. And we love the accompanying pestles, which have generous lengths of 8.5 inches and 6.5 inches; they're easy to grip and have a tapered shape that allows for better grip and control.
  • Net Weight: 18 pounds
  • Mortar Diameter: 8 inches
  • Pestle Length: 8.5-inch and 6.5-inch pestles
  • Capacity: 5 cups
  • Material: Unpolished granite
  • Care: Hand-wash only

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