Chita Organic Soybean Paste $9.95

“Lumlum” is a phrase in the Thai Language’s northern dialect that means delicious—and there’s a reason why Chita Organic uses the phrase to describe their organic Thai sauces and condiments.

After spending years in traditional manufacturing, Chita Organic founder Jaruwan Ovararint wanted to forge her own path only using organic ingredients. After approaching multiple farmers, none were willing to stop using chemicals—so she established her own organic farm in the Li District in the south of Lamphun Province. It’s one of the only certified organic farms in Thailand—which grew from just under 20 acres in 2009 to over 158 acres today.

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Use this in any Thai recipe that calls for yellow soybean sauce or fermented soybean paste. Traditionally, it appears in Rad Na, Pad See-Ew, Khao Man Gai, or other Thai dishes with Chinese influence, but it can also make a slightly sweeter, saucier miso substitute in some cases, especially in sauces, marinades or soups. At its most basic level, it can add a wallop of savory yumminess to just a pot of plain rice— the occasional piece of soy bean contributing a welcome textural element.

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