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Many of the core flavors of Korean food are built from a family of fermented soy-based condiments known as jangs.

Gochujang is traditionally made by hand-mixing a slurry of soybeans, sticky rice (also known as glutinous rice), salt, malt and chili powder then fermenting the mixture in large clay pots under the sun. The fermented rice sugars give gochujang its sweetness and thick, almost sticky consistency, while the fermented soybeans contribute umami.

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Use gochujang in everything from BBQ rubs, simple dipping sauces—thinned with soy, rice vinegar, and honey, mixed into mayonnaise and whipped into butter to smear on roast salmon. Once you try it, it’ll become a pantry staple. Or make kimchi ijigae, a hearty pork, kimchi and tofu stew perfect for cold winters. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble, then an hour of unattended simmering to tenderize the meat and flavor the broth. It’s a cold-weather stand by for much of the kitchen staff. Or try gochujang in Soy-Glazed Potatoes, a classic Korean panchan (side dish).

Kitchen Notes

Unlike some brands of gochujang, which can be incendiary hot, this tastes well balanced and won't blow your top off.

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