Conservas de Cambados Small Sardines in Olive Oil $12.95

We could tell these sardines were special the second we cracked the tin.

With shockingly silver skins and delicate, pale flesh, these fish get more flavorful with time, as they’re aged with precision at Conservas De Cambados’ facility to absorb the richness of their olive oil marinade.

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We love using tinned fish for a lovely light meal and these sardines are no exception. Serve simply atop toast or crackers, or a charcuterie board laden with nutty aged cheeses, bold chorizo or cured ham, fresh or dried fruit and other meaty bites. They’re also a great compliment to our Spanish Grilled Vegetables (Escalivada) or a leafy salad like our Celery and Frisée Salad (Amanida d’Api). The sardines also flavor rice dishes well and can serve as a milder substitute for anchovy fillets. And incorporating them into a rich and creamy spread is always a hit: Mash them up with cream cheese, butter, lemon juice, salt and fresh herbs like parsley or scallions and slather on a toasted bagel or crusty bread.

Kitchen Notes

Like shrimp, these sardines are classified on their tins by size: 20/25, which is the approximate number of sardines per pound. Tip: Warming your tinned fish before eating wakes up some of the flavors. Simply remove the outer packaging and open the can a small crack (to allow for building pressure to escape) and put them, tin and all, in a low oven to heat.

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