dD Manba Spicy Peanut Butter $11.95

Traditionally spiked with Scotch bonnet peppers, this Haitian treat isn’t widely offered in the U.S. Nutty at first, spicy at the finish, manba is served at breakfast or as a snack, usually spread on toast or cassava crackers, sometimes with jam or molasses.

Inspired by the flavors of Haiti after a volunteer trip, Jason Delis and Stanley Dumornay set out to bring the country’s rich cuisine to their native Montreal and beyond. Delis was given a jar of manba (Haitian spicy peanut butter) to bring home with him and, once he savored a spoonful, he teamed up with Dumornay to craft their own manba in 2015.

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Let the spread's flavor sing slathered on toast, or add complexity to chocolate swirled into brownies or our Oaxacan Hot Chocolate. On the savory side, you can also use it as a dip for Chicken Satay or mixed into a sauce for Peanut-Sesame Noodles.

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