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de Buyer 12-Inch Mineral B Paella Pan

While most Mineral B handles are epoxy-coated and not oven-safe, the handles on this 12-inch carbon-steel pan are made solely with oven-safe stainless steel for recipes that finish in the oven. It’s ideal for any braised dish, even roasts. We love the big surface area, which can handle a boatload of chicken parts or enough food for a party—it’s even great for paella! As opposed to one long handle, the ear-style handles are easier for carrying and fitting inside ovens and grills. Each Mineral B pan has an all-natural beeswax coating that protects against rust and provides a foundation for seasoning. Over time, your pan will transform from its original gray to mottled blues and oranges before developing a lustrous, fully blackened patina. As the seasoning builds, the surface also becomes smoother and more nonstick.

Before you use your de Buyer carbon-steel pan for the first time, clean it with very hot water and rub down the entire surface to remove excess beeswax. Heat oil in your carbon-steel dish on the stovetop—enough to cover the bottom—until it starts to smoke, then discard the oil and rub the cookware down with paper towels. The cookware's surface will go through a mottled stage before developing a perfectly smooth, fully blackened patina—in the meantime, we add a little more oil or butter to start and ensure the pan is fully preheated and evenly coated in fat before adding ingredients.

In case of stubborn, stuck-on bits of food, scrub the pan with kosher salt moistened with oil, which will simultaneously season the pan. We also recommend wiping a thin coat of neutral oil across the pan’s surface for storage (with use and time as the patina improves, this will become unnecessary).

  • Net Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 12 inches, Depth: 2.3 inches
  • Use: Oven-safe; compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  • Care: Hand-wash only
  • Place of Origin: France

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