Don Chilio Habanero Chile Crisp $12.99

While most crispy chiles are generally battered and fried—these bright peppers are radically different.

​Don Chilio’s peppers are simply themselves, with a more delicate texture than store brand fried chiles and no heavy coating to muddy the bold flavor.

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These are easy to incorporate any number of ways—even in place of fresh peppers. Use as a crispy topping for eggs, salads, tacos like our Fish Tacos with Lime-Pickled Jalapeños, grain bowls, soups like our Spicy Black Bean and Coconut Soup, dips like our Israeli Hummus and more. The peppers also add a welcome textural and spicy addition when folded into stir fries, grilled cheeses, burritos, veggie dishes like our Spicy Collard Greens with Tomatoes and Peanuts and even pastas.

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