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Elevator Coffee for Milk Street Guatemala San Julian Blend

We partnered with Elevator Cafe & Commons in Portland, Oregon, to freshly roast a single-origin coffee grown on the San Julian farm in Guatemala's mountainous Palencia region. The high-altitude growing conditions produce hardier beans with a bolder, more concentrated flavor. This well-balanced blend combines creamy Pacamara and bright Catuai, along with Bourbon and San Ramón bean varietals. Guatemalan coffees tend to be full-bodied with rich cocoa flavors, and we like how the blend's undertones of caramel and chocolate are accented by a subtle acidity and raspberry-like fruitiness. Each sip is complex and aromatic, with richer dark chocolate notes gradually setting in as your cup cools.

  • Net Weight: 12 ounces
  • Available in: Whole bean
  • Place of Origin: Palencia, Guatemala
  • Freshly roasted every Monday