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Essie Spice Mekko Dry Rub

Essie Spice's must-have sauces and spice rubs are the result of one woman's culinary creativity and playfulness with global flavors. Originally from Ghana, Essie Bartels draws inspiration from not only West Africa but all around the world. Mekko Dry Rub puts a twist on Ghana's ubiquitous kebab powder, which has an aromatic base of ground peanuts and earthy, musky grains of Selim, a West African spice that reminds us of white pepper. The spice powder gets an Asian twist with Chinese five spice, cardamom and star anise. We love the balanced, complex and aromatic flavor profile of Mekko Dry Rub; use it not only as a dry rub for meat and fish but also roasted chickpeas or umami-rich portobello mushrooms. Sprinkle on roasted vegetables or cooked rice or grains as a one-ingredient seasoning. It's even great on popcorn as a snack.
  • Net Weight: 6.5 ounces
  • Ingredients: Spices (including turmeric, grains of Selim, and mustard), peanuts, salt, granulated garlic, granulated onion
  • Place of Origin: New Jersey

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