Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube Grill $219.00 $199.00

Created by world-famous British chef Heston Blumenthal, this portable charcoal grill is as attractive as it is functional.

It’s sleek aesthetic is certainly a draw, but the most important factor here is that, unlike so many small grills we’ve tried, it actually works just as well as a full-sized one. Ideal for camping, a beach day, city dwellers with limited outdoor space and grill enthusiasts.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Beside the obvious grilled meats and veggies, we think our Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and Smoky Chili-Garlic Pork Burgers would translate to a small grill especially well.

Kitchen Notes

This is a grill that uses charcoal and fire. In windy conditions or drought conditions, this grill should not be used. It gets very hot. The handles and bottom are protected from the heat, but people will still need to use common sense here, especially since it’s portable. Proper care should be used to make sure the coals are completely extinguished before throwing away. We recommend lining the firebox with tin foil to help protect the grill and make cleanup a little easier.

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