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FarmTrue Organic Cacao Chai Ghee-Nut Butter

This incredible nut butter blends a base of organic cashews, pecans and peanuts with Farmtrue’s chai spice blend, maple powder and cacao nibs. The creamy mix, punctuated by the crunchy bittersweet nibs, is terrific on sandwiches with sliced apple or pear or on oatmeal with a bit of crunchy Turbinado sugar. We also love it on biscuits or spread between layers in simple layer cakes, or try this “adult” ice cream sandwich: Spread a thin layer on graham crackers, then top with softened vanilla, salted caramel or ginger ice cream.

Connecticut’s Farmtrue produces a small line of sustainably sourced, organic products. We have always loved their flavorful ghee (clarified butter), but now they also offer organic nut butters: cacao chai ghee-nut butter and cashew coconut ghee-nut butter. Both are addictive enough to make peanut butter—or even Nutella—a thing of the past in your pantry.

  • 9 oz