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FarmTrue Organic Cashew Coconut Ghee-Nut Butter

This ultra-creamy butter blends rich cashews with bittersweet coconut in a balanced spread that’s not too sweet. The coconut-forward flavor pairs beautifully with slices of mango or raspberry jam on crusty whole-grain bread, or try it swirled into breakfast cereal or simple rice pudding and top with sliced strawberries. Or do as we do and eat it right off the spoon.

Connecticut’s Farmtrue produces a small line of sustainably sourced, organic products. We have always loved their flavorful ghee (clarified butter), but now they also offer organic nut butters: cacao chai ghee-nut butter and cashew coconut ghee-nut butter. Both are addictive enough to make peanut butter—or even Nutella—a thing of the past in your pantry.

  • 9 oz