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FarmTrue Ghee

Traditionally produced in India, ghee is made by slowly cooking butter to remove the moisture and butter solids to produce a pure, buttery fat with a high smoke point. This Connecticut-made, shelf-stable ghee, made from the milk of grass-fed cows.

The Traditional Ghee has a particularly clear, buttery flavor that makes it ideal for sautéing fish and shellfish, chicken and delicate vegetables. We love it melted and tossed with popcorn (without any water content, it keeps the popcorn crisp and light).

The subtle, garlicky flavor of the Garlic Scape ghee (butter cooked long enough to remove its moisture and solids) is perfect for sautéing vegetables, greens and chicken, or smearing across toast or crisping up a grilled-cheese sandwich. Its great on popcorn (paired with salt, pepper and pinch of cayenne), tossed with warm buttered noodles and Parmesan or drizzled on soft, creamy polenta, where its rich flavor can truly be savored.

9 oz