FarmTrue Ghee $19.95

Essential in traditional Indian cooking, ghee (butter simmered long enough to cook off the water and milk solids) has become a core pantry staple for all of us at Milk Street.

It has a addictively bold, buttery flavor and a high smoke point (485°F), making it as ideal for sautéing and searing as flavoring vegetables, legumes, grains, pasta and even toast. We’ve tasted and tested a broad range of ghee brands and are pleased to find the best produced in our own backyard. Farmtrue ghee is made in New England with organic cream from grass-fed cows.

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With its higher smoke point, ghee can be used for sauteing meats, fish and vegetables. We love its buttery flavor in curries and rice pilafs, as well as simple creamy lentil soups or used to roast potatoes.

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