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Fennel Seed

With its licorice-like flavor, fennel seed plays a starring role in French cooking and a background role in countless curries and spice rubs. Try it in our Sweet Potato and Shallot Casserole with Fennel Seed, Cracked Potatoes with Vermouth, Coriander and Fennel or crush with equal parts chilies, peppercorns and coarse salt as a spice rub for pork or chicken.

The easiest way to change the way you cook is to use high-quality spices—it will transform food with minimal effort. Fresh and potent, they pack a fresh, lively punch. We’ve sourced our Milk Street spice line from some of the best producers around the world to help you cook in a simpler, bolder way.

  • 1.9 ounces
  • Care Instructions: Optimal storage conditions are 70 degrees F or below in a dry place