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Field Company Factory Seconds 12-inch Skillet

Field's lightweight cast-iron skillets have the smooth, burnished interiors and low-stick properties we love, with just a few nicks and scratches from the production process that don't affect their function. If you've been wanting to invest in this essential cookware, now is your chance to buy one of the best brands at an incredibly low price. Factor Seconds still have wonderful heat distribution and retention properties, and once seasoned, the cast iron will develop nonstick properties that will improve over time—though Field's cast iron is exceptionally low-stick to begin with, since it's not as rough as other brands. With a 12-inch diameter, the No. 10 size provides enough real estate for four strip steaks, pork chops or salmon steaks and can easily handle a few toasted sandwiches or four to six fried eggs at once. It will become the pan that sits on your stovetop for good—a cooking vessel for any and every meal.

Wash the interior of the pan with soap and hot water—don’t use an abrasive pad of any kind—then dry thoroughly. Put on a medium burner with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and heat until the oil starts to smoke. Take off heat and use a wad of paper towels to burnish the oil into the interior of the pan, including the sides. Repeat at least five times for a new pan, and be sure to rub hard to really work the oil into the pan. If the oil starts to pool, it can turn sticky as it cools down. Once the pan is seasoned, repeat this process after each use. Clean the pan (without soap), heat it with just 1 tablespoon oil, and rub the oil into the surface.
  • Note: All Factory Seconds are final sale.
  • Net Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 12 inches | Height: 2.12 inches
  • Materials: Pre-seasoned cast iron (between 75% and 90% recycled material)
  • Use: Pans work on all gas range, induction and glass stovetops, as well as open flame.
  • Place of Origin: United States