Finding Home Farms Rye Barrel Aged Maple Syrup $26.95

After 14 years of making small batches of maple syrup to share with family and friends, Dana and Laura Putnam decided to make it their full-time gig—relying on Dana’s knowledge as a fourth-generation sugarer.

Now, the pair crafts maple syrup in small batches in their own sugarhouse just using just the sap from the trees around their Hudson Valley, New York farm, including this award-winning syrup in collaboration with local Orange County Distillery. The distillery produces all of its spirits within its 1600 square-foot barn and the syrup is aged in the barrels used to make their rye whiskey, infusing a rich, spicy taste into the already delectable maple syrup.

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Go beyond just pancakes and waffles with this syrup (although a stack will of course benefit from a drizzle of the stuff). Drizzle it over smoky grilled salmon or roasted veggies like Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and baked onions. Add a glug to a vinaigrette with cider vinegar, dijon mustard and your favorite nut oil like walnut or pecan. Add to a cheese board, a candied nut recipe, or even a cocktail like an Old Fashioned. And the way the barrel aging process coaxes out notes of butterscotch in the syrup makes it a knockout when used to finish sweets and treats. Pour over creamy mounds of vanilla ice cream, a slice of cheesecake or fresh fruit and whipped cream.

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