Fly by Jing Chili Crisp Vin Sauce $18.00

Straight out of Chengdu, one of China’s most famous food cities.

This moderately spicy vinaigrette blends a variety of Chinese dried chilies with a hint of numbing Sichuan peppercorns for the characteristic Sichuan mala (hot and numbing flavor profile), plus aged black vinegar and premium soy sauce. Floral, citrusy Sichuan peppercorns are technically not a peppercorn at all, but a type of prickly ash. The peppercorns usually require toasting and grinding before use, but this convenient oil makes using them easier.

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Use as a dipping sauce or add to rice bowls, salmon salads, noodles, fried or roasted chicken, dumplings, or anything else you may put soy sauce on. Try it drizzled over our Garlicky Peanut Noodles or Udon Noodles in Soy Broth.

Kitchen Notes

Refrigerate after opening.

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