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Forested Foods Besobila Holy Basil $8.95

Growing wild in Ethiopia, the purple leaves and blooms of Besobela basil have a fresh and fruity flavor, with a hint of berry aroma.

It’s harvested by hand, sun-dried and then ground to be incorporated into dishes such as Kibe (Ethiopian spiced butter) and in the country’s ubiquitous Berbere spice blend.

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Make an Ethiopian clarified butter: Simply add the dried herb to lightly toasted spices, add butter and gently cook until the milk solids have separated out and the water is evaporated, then strain. It also pairs well with pasta such as a springtime pasta alla primavera. And at its simplest, try tossing some with your simple buttered noodles.

Kitchen Notes

​We especially love incorporating this basil into herbal tea blends.

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