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Forested Foods Timiz Ethiopian Long Pepper $8.95

The wild-growing African “long pepper” is deeply aromatic, not too spicy and extremely rare outside the continent.

​Although a related varietal grows in Asia, the African pepper is much different—less fruity and sweet, with a marked smokiness that comes from being fried near an open flame instead of under the sun. The pepper is often incorporated into Ethiopia’s iconic Berbere spice blend and also used in traditional medicine.

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Tamiz works well in spice blends including other warming aromatics like cinnamon, smoked chiles, nutmeg, cloves, etc. It also adds complex flavor to a rub for roasted meats or as an addition to stock or a hearty stew.

Kitchen Notes

​The long shape of timiz makes it hard to use as is in basic pepper grinders, but the peppercorns can be easily broken into smaller bits by hand. Fill your favorite pepper or spice grinder and voila— an easy way to add a finishing touch of this aromatic spice.

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