Earlywood Tapered Rolling Pin

We prefer tapered French-style pins to American-style ball-bearing pins because the lighter weight provides better control over the dough's thickness. Tapered pins are also ideal for rolling out circles of dough. (Rotate the pin in an arc with the right hand while keeping the left side of the pin stationary.) In addition, we prefer longer pins - this model is 20 inches long. (Shorter pins can't handle a full pie crust.) Finally, a rolling pin has to be just the right weight; heavy enough to do the work for you but not so heavy that you lose touch with the dough underneath. This pin is a perfect one pound.

Working with Montana-based Earlywood, we designed our perfect pin. The gentle, graduated taper starts off at 1 3/8-inches thick, slimming down to roughly 3/4-inch thick at the ends, perfect for rolling out the flattest, most even crusts. The dark, dense wood feels good in the hand, and won’t dent if used to crush ice or flatten cutlets.

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