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The Fresh Chile Co. Pure Green Chili Roast — Medium

If you can find green Hatch chiles at your grocery store at all, they're likely to be canned rather than jarred, but the canning process dulls the peppers' color and often adds unwanted acidic or metallic flavors. In contrast, Fresh Chile Company's excellent processing ensures pure flavor and fully preserves the peppers' grassy-vegetal and earthy notes. The jarred chiles have a chunky texture and a medium, gradually building heat. A vital ingredient in Southwestern cuisine, New Mexico chiles are similar to more common Anaheim peppers but spicier and brighter-tasting. The peppers are so iconic that they're in fact trademarked: Only peppers grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, can bear the name “Hatch chile,” and thousands of chili-lovers worldwide flock to the area for the annual Hatch Chile Festival, which takes place around Labor Day weekend at the end of the chile harvest. Family-owned Fresh Chile Company offers minimally processed jarred Hatch chiles that—true to the company's name—are incredibly vibrant and fresh-tasting.
  • Net Weight: 16 ounces
  • Ingredients: Roasted green chile, lime juice, salt, garlic, water
  • Place of Origin: New Mexico

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