Fukami Organic Umezu $12.95

A byproduct from the process of producing umeboshi, a salt-cured ume plum, umezu has been used for centuries in Japan for both its flavor and medicinal properties.

Fukami’s organic umezu is made simply with only salt and the stone fruit—the liquid is harvested after a 6-month filtration period with no added water, which concentrates nutrients and its signature umami taste.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Use as a flavorful substitute for soy sauce, salt or balsamic vinegar in any umami-packed dish. Its acidity is also ideal for brightening grilled fish. Drizzle into dressings for bitter greens, soups, marinades, roasted vegetables and even braises, or into white rice before it cooks.

Kitchen Notes

Since this vinegar’s flavor is so concentrated, we recommend not using too much at a time.

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