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While not yet as ubiquitous as hummus, matbucha is a dip with Moroccan and North African origins that would be just as at home on your mezze platter.

It’s also the bold, chunky base sauce for shakshuka. Though traditionally from the maghreb region, it’s gained popularity in the Middle East and Mediterranean, with many families and restaurants keeping a tub of matbucha stocked in their refrigerators.

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At its simplest, use this aromatic matbucha as a dip for pita on a mezze platter or slathered across crusty bread as a sandwich condiment or bruschetta base. Salty cheeses like feta pair well with this condiment on a cheese board, and savory grilled meats and roasted veggies will also benefit from the bold, bright flavor. A spoonful goes a long way in amping up a pasta dish. And nothing beats pouring the jar into a pan, cracking eggs on top and making a speedy version of a shakshuka. Scoop and savor with infinite slices of warm challah bread.

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