Berard Round Stone Salt Keeper

We are amazed at how many kitchen do not use a salt box. How do people cook without one? The trick is to use coarse or kosher salt which is easily picked up with the fingers (or measured) and leave it in either an open or closed container near your stove. There are lots of designs out there but we are particularly fond of this Berard Ceramic version. The speckled grey concrete and olivewood salt cellar is made in France, the lid is easy enough to pop off when you need to season but fits securely and quickly for storage. We use Diamond Crystal salt in our Milk Street recipes (different brands have varying crystal sizes that weight more per teaspoon – for example, one would use about 50% less Morton’s Kosher salt than Diamond Crystal). You can also use this salt box on the dinner table – we are fond of Nordur Salt Arctic Sea Salt Flakes.

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