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Giannini 6-Cup Moka Pot


Unless you’re willing to invest in a big-ticket espresso machine, a stovetop espresso maker, otherwise known as a moka pot, can provide the best bang for the buck for espresso-style coffee at home. Generations of Italians will agree. The thick, syrupy body, rich flavor and depth produced by a simple stovetop maker falls someplace between espresso and an Americano—far more satisfying than your average pot of drip. Fine-ground, espresso-style coffee is gently packed into the filter, which is sandwiched between the water reservoir on the bottom and the carafe on top. When heated, the boiling water is forced up through the filter into the carafe (effectively the reverse of espresso machines).

Made from heavy-gauge stainless steel (not the usual aluminum construction), the Giannini pot is absurdly sturdy and built to last a lifetime. It operates via a simple press-fit lever-locking system, which is far easier to use than the more typical screw-together system (coffee grounds invariably get stuck in the threads, which must be chased out for a secure fit.).

  • 6 espresso cups or 3 espresso cups (approx. 1 oz per cup)

  • Includes a reducer to convert to 3 cup brewing capacity

  • Restyled version, induction-ready and new stay-cool, thicker handle

Kitchen Notes: Using a medium-fine grind, we got piping hot coffee with full body and strong flavor, closer to an espresso than regular American coffee. Much cheaper than any espresso machine, it delivers a cup less intense than espresso but every bit as satisfying. Be sure to watch it brewing to avoid scorching the base of the pot after the water evaporates.