Guelaguetza Design Tequilero — Set of 6 $99.95

Enjoy sipping from this authentic set by understanding the history and process of making tequila.

Tequila, is a type of mezcal, made from the agave plant. In Aztec culture, the agave plant was considered sacred. Its flesh could be eaten and its leaves dried and woven to make thatch roofs, or baskets. It was also fermented into “beer” to drink at religious ceremonies. Tequila as we know it today must be made from blue Weber agave and made in Mexico to be sold as “tequila.” And the process to make Tequila is certainly not easy. An agave plant takes seven years to mature and once it is harvested the plant dies. It’s a long, intensive farming process. Add to that the traditional process of making tequila, which includes steaming agave in brick ovens, crushing it, collecting the juice, fermenting it in open wooden tanks, and then distilling it in copper stills.

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​Serve and drink tequila with family and friends.

Kitchen Notes

​Hand-wash recommended.

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