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Hayden Flour Mills Artisan Bread Flour

Falling somewhere between whole wheat and white bread flour, Hayden's Artisan Bread Flour is made with two types of local heritage wheat whose flavor is absolutely one-of-a-kind: The rustic loaf we made turned out nutty, toasty and lightly sweet, balanced with a subtle tanginess, as opposed to bland, starchy grocery-store loaves. This bread flour has an enticing nutty aroma, robust flavor and high protein content that makes for a chewier texture; its complexity is unmatched by conventional flour brands. Based in Arizona, Hayden Flour Mills grows and harvests local heritage grains that have a unique depth of flavor and stone-mills them in small batches, so they are incredibly fresh and retain all of their nutrients.

  • Net Weight: 2 pounds
  • Ingredients: Stone-ground Red Fife wheat, stone-ground Hard Red Spring wheat
  • Place of Origin: Arizona, U.S.